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100% natural... No dyes in this beauty!

Tokirima’s natural blanket colour is solely dependent on how much sun and how much rainfall we have had over the season before shearing at home on Awarima Station.

Always an exciting time to see what shade of Tokirima will come will come walking into our woolshed!

To care for this blanket please avoid direct sunlight.  Just like wool on a sheep's back it may yellow slightly if exposed for long periods to sunlight. 

Product Information

Bassinet 110cm X 80 cm
    Blanket Stitch - $115
    Satin - $130

Cot 157cm X 108cm
    Blanket Stitch - $194
    Satin - $233

Large 225cm X 150cm
    Blanket Stitch - $360
    Satin - $380

Available in satin edge OR Blanket stitch edge.

All ShearWarmth Blankets are New Zealand grown and manufactured. They are easy care, low allergenic, fire resistant, soft and naturally warm. ShearWarmth blankets are affordable, natural and a little bit of understated luxury. When you buy a ShearWarmth blanket you are purchasing an heirloom for your family to keep forever.